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A Higher Standard… a Memorable Authentic Experience… A Truly Local Company....A Full Commitment to Safety in our "New Normal"....

The Mekong Delta, known to many as Vietnam’s heartland, has always been an incredible draw for travelers as it celebrates the modest beginnings of the country. Beyond the picturesque natural beauty of the area, its hardworking, friendly local people embody a welcoming community spirit often lacking in the city.

Our top local guides will welcome you aboard our well-built, well maintained boat fleet to show you areas untouched by commercial tourism. We are cognizant of the negative changes that mass tourism can create and we help to safeguard local communities against it by minimizing group sizes and continuously reinvesting in the areas that we explore.

We understand that your vacation time is both precious and finite, and we are committed to making every moment of your trip memorable. We also believe that you will find our off-the-beaten-path programs excellent quality and fairly priced, and we certainly hope that you will tell others about your time with us.

Covid-19 has reshaped tourism worldwide for the foreseeable future. After a difficult 2 years, we are proud to still be here, in business, for the enjoyment of our valued guests and the benefit of our staff. From day 1, our concept has been taking our guests off-the-beaten-path in a safe, and spaced manner. This concept has never been more relevant than today and most of the low budget, mass tourism, "pack them in" operations have ceased to exist as organization of mass volume tourism are nearly non-existent.

We thank you for your continued support and the greatest thank you we can receive is the referral of your friends and family during this challenging time.

Trip Planning

Let Mango Cruises plan your Mekong Delta Experience!

Although many visitors see this region by day trip from hectic, bustling Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a highlight of southern Vietnam, best experienced at leisure over multiple nights.

The combination of scenic waterways, friendly local people waving from the banks and the vibrant natural landscape rich in tropical palms and flowers creates a relaxed cruising experience unique to this region.

The Delta’s towns and cities also serve as a great connector to other regional destinations. Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital, is a four-hour speedboat transfer from Chau Doc. Phu Quoc Island is easily reached via daily flights from Can Tho, or speedboat ferry from Rach Gia or Ha Tien.

We are committed to showcasing the Ben Tre area on all of our cruises as it offers an authentic, rural Vietnamese experience, just two hours from Ho Chi Minh City. Let us show you our Mekong Delta home!

Whether you wish to return to Ho Chi Minh City after your time in the Delta or travel onwards, let us help you plan an itinerary that not only meets your needs, but wildly exceeds your expectations.


Nhung brochure (1).jpg

Tran Thuy Nhung
Managing Director

Nhung was born in Ha Long Bay, but has roots throughout Vietnam.  Her mother is from Ha Long Bay, in the north of Vietnam and her father is from the Mekong Delta.

In 1976, Nhung and family rode the reunification train (famous for connecting the North and South of Vietnam after 20 years of divide) to the south of Vietnam to settle in her father’s hometown, Ben Tre, in the Mekong delta.  The family faced many challenges in the post-war. Her father settled into a modest career working in a fish factory that allowed the parents to give Nhung and siblings the opportunity at an education.

Nhung took full advantage of the opportunity and finished high school in Ben Tre in 1994.  Still motivated and committed to learning, she attended English classes that following year. In 1995, her parents were able to save enough money to send her to University of Education in Saigon, from where she graduated in 1999.  

Nhung soon discovered that she had a passion for travel and domestic tourism and enrolled in the Saigon tourism college, where studied for the next 3 years. Nhung enjoyed working as a tour guide for over 5 years serving as one of the preferred English-speaking tour guides in Saigon. During this time she loved the travel and writing about her life experiences. She left tourism for a few short years but has eagerly returned to share her love for Vietnam with the world.

Nhung has travelled to many countries in Asia, Europe and North America to learn about different culture and especially she is fascinated in interacting with people.

In 2009 She opened an international travel company based in Ho Chi Minh City called ComeandgoVietnam that specializes on tailor made tours throughout South East Asia, focusing on Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia as her most favorite countries in the region. ComeandgoVietnam has introduced and guided many travellers worldwide to South Est Asia and got great feedback.

In 2010 Nhung has realized that her beloved hometown of Ben tre has huge potiential as the up-and-coming tourist hot-spot in Vietnam.  She has decided to take advantage by introducing the world to Mango Cruises. Her vision is to celebrate the area’s rich culture and unique lifestyle to fascinate tourists from all over.  Her experience in the area, connections in tourism and amazing Mango Cruise programs will surely bring the best of the Mekong Delta to the world.

Jay Bio Pic (1).jpg

Jay Johnson
Director of Sales

Jay was originally born in Canada and worked for many years in the newspaper industry in several different departments during his tenure. His first adventure to Asia was to Vietnam and it did not disappoint!

Growing up in Canada made for a stark contrast when first setting foot in Vietnam. Jay grew very fond of the much milder weather and ability to enjoy the outdoors, (without multiple layers!) year round. The friendly local people gave him the drive in supporting the development of Mango Cruises, and the simple premise - showcasing an area of true natural beauty to travellers worldwide, responsibly.

While Vietnam in many of its big cities is chaotic, bustling and full of energy, he has always preferred the Mekong Delta for its simplicity and genuinely friendly people. A flashback to his early childhood, and following his grandmother downtown through a small Canadian city, where each person you would meet would have a smile and some kind words or a story to share. He also enjoys cycling and the Mekong Delta boasts some of the best in the world, with its combination of paths near River ways, lush tropical scenery, fruit orchards and sleepy villages.

His love for the Mekong Delta and his wife Nhung, continue to inspire him towards new and exciting tour options, while continuing to improve our services. Jay has a deep commitment to improving the overall standards of Vietnam tourism, and its adherence to proper safety regulations.

As a discerning seasoned traveller, he has helped to add subtle touches, towards making Mango Cruises guests feel comfortable and special. He takes great pride in handling direct inquiries for the company and has great passion, knowledge and actual experience in the products and services we provide.

Not satisfied with only understanding that in his own "backyard," Jay tours S.E. Asia several times yearly looking for new and exciting touring options for his valued guests.

Nghia brochure Pic_edited.jpg

Tran Nghia
Office Manager

Mr. Nghia handles booking and contracting from our office in Saigon. Originally an Economics major, he has over 9 years of experience in travel tourism and is an asset to our team. Mr. Nghia splits his time between Ben Tre and Saigon, offering innovative ideas towards improvement.

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