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Safety is our primary concern, and all boats within our fleet have been inspected and licensed by the local boat authority. All of our boat captains hold and maintain licenses to operate boats for tourism in the Mekong Delta. Because of the tropical climate, our sampans require considerable maintenance, which is scheduled throughout the year and mostly takes place during our low season. 

With Mango Cruises – the Mekong Delta’s premier cruise operator – you can rest assured that you’re in good hands on all of our vessels.


A Great way to explore the Lush and peaceful canals of the Mekong Delta! Complete with Onboard bar, comfortable cushioned chairs, private washroom and it’s open-sided, allowing the river’s breeze to refresh you as you engage in our day trip or Mango Home programs.


Our overnight cruises by private sampan – a cruiser inspired by traditional local flat-bottom fishing boats – make for a truly unique experience and come highly recommended by several well-regarded travel magazines worldwide!

Sized to match the larger freight haulers, our sampans are 22 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, with a cabin height which allows us to enter smaller, more intimate tributaries in the Mekong Delta while providing luxurious onboard comfort and amenities.

Just imagine going completely off-the-beaten-path to enjoy the Mekong Delta all to yourself, with our four-person crew and knowledgeable local guide taking care of you, day and night!

Each of our overnight sampans are air-conditioned in the master and second bedroom, which provides a rejuvenating sleep pattern for our off-the-beaten-path excursions during the day. The front sitting area allows views in all directions as you navigate the tributaries of the Mekong Delta. A full washroom with bathtub and sunflower shower is tucked between the two bedrooms and our open dining area is located at the back of the sampan promoting open flow from each side of the boat.​

The private sampan is perfect for memorable 2-3 day excursions through the natural beauty of the Mekong Delta. We routinely serve couples on romantic getaways, (honeymoon, engagement, anniversary) or simply a bucket list box tick for those truly wanting to get away from it all, with the care and service of our local team. Families enjoy our sampan cruise in providing quality “family time” and rave about the cycling portions in rural areas, where they receive warm welcomes and “hello” from the friendly local people.​

While cruising with us we also have free Wi-Fi connectivity to help you stay connected, when needed, with friends, family and the office.

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Four private Cabins on a beautifully constructed wooden ship. Enjoy the evening with a refreshing beverage from our on-board bar while relaxing on our wide open sundeck. Join us for great cuisine served in our on-board restaurant.  A/C and Washroom with shower in every cabin, all authentically furnished. 

Great for small groups and families!  

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