Will D5 Render work on my PC?

D5 Render requires minimum NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. We highly recommend NVIDIA GeForce RTX or Quadro RTX series. In terms of operating system, as D5 Render’s runs only on Windows v1809 with DX12 + DXR. D5 Render requires Windows 10 DXR Api, and there is currently no AMD or Intel GPU compatible with Windows 10 DXR. And Mac or Linux platform does not provide any API to utilize real-time ray tracing acceleration features at this moment. D5 will consider extending our product on Mac or Linux once these platforms are RTX ready.

May I use pro account on another PC?

Sure, you can log off the pro account on your original PC, and log in it on the new one. Easy peasy!

How do I get an invoice/receipt with my company title and address?

You can fill up the company details when placing order. Please note that Dimension 5 Techs is not VAT or GST registered. No any type of consumption taxes is imposed to this price.

How do I obtain a promo code?

You may obtain promo code from our campaigns events or relevant youtube videos.

I already have an activation code, how can I use it to upgrade to Pro?

You may login to the account management page here and click "D5 Pro" and then click "Key" to enter your key.