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Mekong Delta -our Programming vs. "the others..."

Real and Authentic vs. Staged and Sales driven…

We are thankful to all of our potential guests for their phone calls and emails since our reopening. We have been busy and are grateful that tourism has returned!

A recurring question that we see a lot from our inquiries is “Why should we book with Mango Cruises, what makes you different from other Mekong Delta operators?”

Firstly, it is important to us to enlighten those who are interested in our company with what differentiates us from other operators. We believe that this is the biggest factor in earning your business and gaining your referral.

It begins with what matters the most, our tour programming. With 95% of other operations, they simply send you to the nearest established tour operator and have no interest or oversight into what they have just sold their guests on. It’s a purely commission-based, kickback system that is prevalent in old Vietnam tourism. At Mango Cruises, our program is OUR program, and we are hands-on ensuring safety and satisfaction as our main objective. How we differ is that when you visit a local house on our program, you are meeting a real local family at their true local house. When you see a family run business, it’s a true operating business. Other operators rent a large open field and setup staged operations, with staged locals and the focal point of this is the immense shopping area of souvenirs etc.

We sell memories (by the way of our tour programs) to last a lifetime that you capture with your phone or camera, not generic souvenirs that can be bought whether you are in the Mekong Delta or Saigon or Hanoi. Over the years, these tour operators have endured many complaints and have had to pivot to changing names and many did not survive the pandemic closure as they undersold to attract travel agents. Imagine how many people they must attract each and every day to offset their overhead costs!

Secondly, beyond a true authentic experience, our level of quality is much greater. With combined decades in the Vietnam tourism industry, we understand the needs and demands of our guests coming from abroad. Our boat fleet is the nicest in the Mekong Delta and beyond the cosmetics, our boats are over a meter off of the water and all of our boat captains are licensed. This quality is seen throughout our tour, with our well-trained local team that will take you on a truly memorable experience.

Lastly, and equally important is the impact we have on the communities we operate within. Mango Cruises has a foundation in which we offset a percentage of our yearly earnings to help our communities with clean up initiatives as well as scholarships for local school children who achieve high levels of academic success. Beyond our foundation, Mango Cruises enriches the lives and families of many locals with job opportunities and all of the ancillary services, supplies we require for our operation.

We hope you will book your time in the Mekong Delta with Mango Cruises! We trust that we have given you a “why?” to your question of booking with us and hope to see you soon!

Send us an email to and let's get started on a special experience for you and your family.

A local planting vegetables in the Mekong Delta


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