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Keep it cool with a Mekong Delta Tour in Ben Tre!

July and August weather in Ben Tre and the Mekong Delta? - in one word: Wonderful!

As a traveler, having just experienced a whirlwind tour through six countries in Europe and the Mediterranean, there was one question I kept asking myself "When / Where will we find reprieve from this heatwave?"

The answer was here, at home, in Ben Tre, Vietnam - the Mekong Delta. As usual, the supposed "rainy" season in Ben Tre is cool, fresh and comfortable. The 35c++ temperatures we experienced in Europe have been replaced here by 27-30c . We enjoy mild temperatures, short fresh bursts of rain that keep it cool and yet lots of sunny weather for those wanting a dip in the swimming pool or those looking to explore the Mekong Delta by bicycle or by cruise.

So, come see us this summer, get out of the big cities, come relax in our garden, our swimming pool and our lounge. Trade the concrete and pavement for coconut trees, shade and a cocktail.

Come enjoy a Mekong Delta Tour with Mango Cruises and a stay at Mango Home Riverside!

See you soon!

The lush garden at Mango Home Riverside
Mango Home Riverside in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta


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